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Naturally Calming Therapies

Qualified and experienced therapist, Member of the
Association of Reflexology, based in Dover, Kent.

Complementary therapies can assist the healing process
through the natural relaxation they provide, improving
emotional and physical well-being.

These therapies will help to naturally ease stress, tension,
aches and pains, soothing and calming mind and body.

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Face Lift Massage:

- Natural facelift through massage -
A gentle, non-invasive approach to looking younger.
Easing cumulative tensions in the facial muscles and
connective tissue, helping to improve skin tone and
circulation, increase elasticity and soften lines.

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face lift massage

hot stone massage

Hot Stone Massage:

Penetrating heat from smooth oiled and warmed
stones is used to relieve tense muscles and sore
joints. Combined with Swedish techniques, this
creates an unforgetable, thoroughly relaxing

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Aromatherapy Massage:

A relaxing and gentle massage using natural,
essential oils, individually blended for the client's
needs. Assists stress conditions, joints problems,
circulation, skin problems and many other

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Salt Body Scrub:

Exfoliating and cleansing scrub,
followed by warm cleans and
soothing massage.


Back - Full Body - Legs & Feet.

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salt body scrub


Treating feet or hands with massage and pressure
to help relieve a variety of conditions including
anxiety, menstrual problems, back conditions,
digestive disorders and much more.

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Hopi Ear Candles:

A light suction action creates a massage-like effect
on the ear drum inducing warmth & balance in the
ears, forehead & sinuses. Soothing and helpful
treatment for sinuses, headaches & tinnitus.

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hopi ear candels


Reiki is a Japanese hands-on (or off) technique to
encourage relaxation and re-balance the energy flow.
The experience is one of deep relaxation.

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The Benefits of Massage:

Current research is beginning to validate what
most clients already know about massage therapy:

It helps ease or prevent many common ailments
that are often treated with perscription drugs
and/or hospitalisation. massage therapy is based
on the ability of the body to naturally heal itself.

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'I am fully insured and bound by a strict code of practice'

Just 5 mins away from Dover Town centre and the Cruise terminal.

Susan Stewart. MAR, CIBTAC. - A member of the Association of Reflexologists

Alternative therapies should
not be used instead of
medical treatments
without prior consent
of your practitioner.

Get a FREE Massage!

Pre-purchase a series
of 5 massages,
and get the 6th one FREE!
Can be used for 30 or 60
minute sessions.

Essential oil blends available for
home use following
full consultation.
A 24 hour cancellation notice
would be appreciated.

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A holistic approach to health.